Boxed Lunches


Boxed lunches will be available on Friday and Saturday. The cost is $14.00 per lunch box per day.  Order 2 if you want one per day.  If you are ordering for several people, make sure you double the amount ordered unless you only want lunch on one day only.

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Boxed Lunch for Specialty Friday and Saturday Shows.

The Cabarrus Arena &  Events Center has a premier catering service company on-site that usually provides our meals.  At this time, we are unsure if concessions will be open on  Friday and Saturday, but we will either use the arena’s caterer or will use an outside caterer.  There will be some selections available.  Please bear with us on the status of lunch, and we promise we won’t let you starve!

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Box Lunch Day

Friday, Saturday

Box Lunch Order

Turkey, Ham, Chicken Salad