Friends of Palmetto


For those who love the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and want to support the efforts of responsible breeders who strive to protect and preserve the breed and to support the cause of rescue we invite them to become a “Friend of Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgis”, Friends of Palmetto for short.  Friends of Palmetto will receive the Palmetto Paw Prints Newsletter and are invited to submit photos of their dogs to be included in the newsletter.  Friends of Palmetto get all of the inside information that is sent to the PPWCC membership, including special events and club meetings.


“Friends of the Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club”.  Any person interested in Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who is not a breeder, may enroll as a “Friend of the Palmetto Welsh Corgi Club”.  Such persons, who are not considered members of the Club, will not be entitled to vote or hold office, and are not counted in any quorum. They will receive the Club Newsletter and notices of meetings and events.  An application for “Friend” status shall be submitted to the Board of Directors, on a form approved by the Board and accompanied by the annual fee.