Corgi Puppy Information

Before you get a dog, there are several questions that must first be asked. This is because all dogs have certain needs and requirements that will last for a lifetime. A dog depends on its human owners for care, conditioning and love. This dependency is rewarded many times over with the dog’s unquestioned devotion and heartfelt affection. A dog quickly becomes a family member and as such it must be able to fit in with the family’s lifestyle. If it is the wrong breed of dog, brought home for the wrong reason, and/or one that fails to meet your expectations, then instead of the animal becoming a beloved member of the family, it could become a burden and an outcast. With careful consideration about the needs and requirements of different breeds and thought as to how this pertains to your own lifestyle, the end result will be four-legged loving companion that will bring you much joy and happiness for years to come. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is not the ideal dog for everyone. Before you bring one home, please make sure it is the right breed for your situation!

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Corgi Bride

Much of the information found in the following pages was taken from the American Kennel Club’s web site and tailored to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in particular.



Is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Right For Me?

Why Should I Buy From a Breeder?

Would a Rescue Be Right For Me?

Other thoughts that should be considered are…
Do not bring a dog into your life:

If you are not prepared to spend quality time with the dog.
Unless you are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to see to the dog’s needs.
Unless you are prepared financially to feed, groom and house it properly.
Unless you will be forgiving if it goes to the bathroom where it should not .
Unless you are ready to deal with dog hair!
Unless you are willing to take it to training classes, if necessary.
Unless you will treat the dog as a four-legged member of your family.
Unless you are ready to accept the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Do bring a dog into your life, if you want:
A companion who asks no questions, makes no judgements.
Someone who loves you regardless of who you are, what you do or how much money you have in the bank.
To come home to a presence that immediately fills the room with love and devotion when you walk through the door.
To live a life that is mindful while being minded, loving while being loved, and caring while being cared for.

In short, dogs are man’s best friends and most faithful companions, but they do bring with them responsibilities and obligations that must be considered by anyone thinking about getting a dog. (From the AKC web site)