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Pembroke Welsh Corgis
available through
The Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Inc.
Rescue Committee

Page updated January 16, 2013

All of our dogs are spayed or neutered before placement, and placements are based on best home available, not first come - first served. For that reason, it's necessary to have an application from every person or family interested in adopting one of our dogs.

If you are not located in the Southeast, you may contact the rescue chairman of an affiliate club of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America via their website for information concerning a rescue in your area. For more information on Pembroke rescue in North and South Carolina, whether to adopt or to surrender a dog you have, please contact the .

To be considered for adoption, you MUST download the rescue adoption application, fill it out, and mail to Debbie Campbell, PPWCC Rescue Chairman, PO Box 1732, Liberty, NC 27298 in order to be placed on our rescue list. You may also copy the answers into an email and send it to the Rescue Information Coordinator, listed above.

These dogs are available for adoption

Seniors are such special fosters and Mr. Spunky is no exception. Poor ol' fella found himself picked up as a stray and in the shelter in Charlotte with an infected tooth and not much hope of finding a home there. Happily for him (and us), fairy magic was in the air and a wonderful volunteer pulled him from the shelter and took him into her home as a foster. His "spunk" has returned now that he has had some dental issues addressed, and he is ready to follow his person around just to be with them.

Spunky is housebroken, crate-trained, good with cats, walks well on leash for short distances, although he may believe leash is optional. At times he needs to be redirected with certain dogs, reminding him he isn't dominant. He does have some hearing loss, but his love of following you around the house will help to make sure he is close. Scritches behind his ears, a big soft doggy bed, and he is good to go! If you have a soft spot for seniors and would like to have your own special shadow, contact us for more details on Spunky.

Contact if you would like to be considered as a forever home for Spunky.

Eight year old Rex's owner was a casualty of the current economic times. Due to being unable financially to care for him in the manner she felt was needed and he deserved, she made the heartbreaking decision to surrender him to our rescue program. She had updated him with an annual veterinary physical, but he was still suffering from severe dermatitis from an allergy to fleas. As his smiling face shows, that problem has been resolved; his coat has come back in and we are even celebrating a bit of tufting.

Rex is a sweet affectionate boy that enjoys snuggling on the couch and is always happy to chase tennis balls. He can be good with other dogs and once had an Australian Cattle Dog pal. He is neutered, current on vaccinations and heart worm preventative, house and crate trained.

Contact if you would like to be considered as a forever home for Rex.

Retro-styled boy Shorty just turned three in January 2012. His former owner was in the midst of moving and had left Shorty temporarily with her mother. As is more often than not the case with limit laws, animal control visited the mother, threatened action for being over the pet limit, leaving the owner in the position of having her dog taken to the kill shelter or turning him over to rescue.

Shorty is a sweet fellow that is in need of lots of time, attention, patience and training. He works hard at pleasing but is hindered by a short attention span. He tries very hard. Shorty is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative, crate- and house-trained. Although he loves everyone and can be good with other dogs, his exuberance may be overwhelming to small children.

Contact if you would like to be considered as a forever home for Shorty.

Waiting in the Wings...

Palmetto PWC Rescue is staying pretty busy these days and has several Pembroke Welsh corgis on our waiting list to come into foster care. Ages range from seniors to youngsters. If you are interested in adding a corgi to your home, please download an application and contact us (see email at top of page), we may just have the right corgi for you...

...waiting in the wings.

from the Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club and its rescue associates!

Corgi People Are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!

We have known it, been witness to it, been a part of it, and have experienced it. Yet Corgi people still manage to surprise, overwhelm, and humble with their generosity and support. Such was the response to our request a few years ago for donations to help with expenses for heartworm treatment for several dogs that came in at the same time. Corgi friends, rescue pals, club members and forever homes of our rescues - THANK YOU for your wonderful generosity. Because of your help, former rescues like Jimmy, Scooter, and Carter will have healthy happy futures.

Spring is around the corner, and intakes & inquiries have started to increase. While most of the dogs we get in need nothing more than to be updated on vaccinations, maybe a teeth cleaning, and to be spayed or neutered, we do occasionally get those which need extensive medical assistance, including treatment for heartworm, special medications, or expensive foods. Donations are always appreciated and can be sent to either:

Janet Robinson
5950 Lake Wylie Road
Clover, SC 29710


Debbie Campbell
PPWCC Rescue Chair
P.O. Box 1732
Liberty, NC 27298

Please make checks payable to PPWCC-Rescue

Thank you for your continued support!

Courtesy listings
These dogs are being listed as a courtesy to their corresponding organizations -- Palmetto PWC Rescue does not have these dogs.
Please contact the rescue, shelter, or individual indicated in the listing.

We have no courtesy listings at this time.

These dogs have been adopted!!
To see more "Happy Tails", visit our Adopted page!

This little sable scamp is almost four year old Sky, who came into rescue with her "sister", Angel (see below). Busy, curious, and loving, Sky will climb her way into your lap (and heart) effortlessly. She is good with other dogs, spayed, current on all vet work and preventative. She is crate-trained, but does need some work on polishing her house-training manners. She is also a chewer and needs to be provided with appropriate items to pursue that activity. Sky enjoys a good run, so a fenced yard would be needed for her.

Angel's name belies her impish, mischievous nature. This doodlebug of a corgi girl, who came into rescue with her "sister", Sky (see above), loves to run! She can wrestle with the best of 'em, is extremely curious and busy. She is learning to make time for laps and snuggles. Strides are being made in her house- and crate-training, and continued work will need to be made in that area. Angel will be four years old in July; is spayed and current on her vet work.