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Below are just a few of the Pembrokes successfully placed by Palmetto PWCC Rescue.


What Is A Rescue Corgi?

A Rescue Corgi is simply a dog in need of a new home. Sometimes it is a dog that has been rescued from a shelter. It may be a dog from a puppy mill or an irresponsible or abusive owner. It may be a dog that has been put up for adoption due to the death or illness of the owner. Or it may be that the owner had to move and could not take the dog along. Most of the Pembrokes that come into a rescue situation are adult dogs over 2 years of age, but we have had puppies as young as 10 weeks of age up to 12 year old seniors. Placement in a rescue program does not automatically mean that the Corgi has a bad attitude or behaviour problems. Usually, the dog is a victim of circumstances beyond its control in changing family situations such as those mentioned above. Placement in a rescue program means that the dog will get a second chance at life in a loving home with a responsible owner. The Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Inc. and its Rescue Chairman supports Carolina Corgi Rescue. To see the dogs currently in rescue, please visit the rescue page below. All dogs accepted into rescue are examined by a veterinarian and brought up to date on shots, etc. They are spayed and neutered and medically treated , if necessary. They are then kept a minimum of two weeks and evaluated as to their personality and behavior. The Rescuer then makes a recommendation as to the type of adoptive home most suitable for that particular Corgi (children/no children, other pets OK or needs to be the only dog, etc.) and any minor personality quirks are identified (afraid of vacuum cleaner, sound sensitive to storms, etc.)

Why should I consider a Rescue Corgi? The obvious answer is that you would be giving a dog a second chance at life. It is also an excellent way to acquire a purebred dog that is already neutered, vaccinated, medically sound, most often housebroken and leash broken, with a known temperament. In addition, rescue Corgis are usually through the destructive puppy chewing phase of life!

Is a Rescue Corgi AKC Registered? While the some of the dogs taken into rescue are AKC registered, the AKC requires the surrender of the registration papers of any dog given up to a rescue organization or shelter. They will issue a PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) number to a rescue dog. Rescue Corgis cannot be shown in conformation but they can compete in AKC sanctioned perfomance events such as herding, obedience and agility and many have done so and been very successful.

How Do I Get a Rescue Corgi? If you think you might be interested in obtaining a Rescue Corgi, begin by filling out the rescue form found on the Carolina Corgi Rescue page. There is an adoption fee required, the amount depends upon the dog. Donations are also gratefully accepted. Carolina Corgi Rescue is registered with the Secretary of State of SC as an eelyomosinary organization. Donations made to this group are not tax deductable.

The Palmetto Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Inc. supports and works with Carolina Corgi Rescue. For more information on dogs available and how to obtain a rescue dog, please go to their page at Carolina Corgi Rescue dba Corgis and Friends of Walmarsh.












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